Thursday, December 21, 2006

Real News Precedes The Onion

You have heard of real life imitating the Onion, but have you heard of real life preceding the onion. This bbc news story does : " Indian athlete fails gender test".

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Clark Kent is a Jew

I grew up reading comics and devoured every one I could fine. Even today though the frequency has diminished a lot and I am more discerning about what I read, I still occasionally buy comics. So this post by Stephen Dubner (yes of the Freakonomics fame) was a joyous blast to the past for me :)

Read the article. Teasing excerpt below.

Superman, the first and greatest of the superheroes, was also the most Jewish. He was born into the House of El (“House of God” in Hebrew) on the planet Krypton, which was run by a male council of elders much like the Sanhedrin of ancient Israel. When Krypton was destroyed, Superman mourned its loss much like the Jews mourned the loss of Jerusalem, vowing to keep alive its rituals and language. In time, he learned that a small remnant of Krypton had survived, called Kandor (“here is the generation” in Hebrew). Superman was famous for his red boots, but they were a last-minute change; originally he wore lace-up sandals modeled after Samson’s.

Debate, Deliberate and then Decide

Talking Points,
Last month in Portland, Ore., doctors for the first time transplanted stem cells from aborted fetuses into his head in a desperate bid to reverse, or at least slow, a rare genetic disorder called Batten disease. The so-far incurable condition normally results in blindness and paralysis before death.

Doctors don't know if the neural stem cells taken from fetuses -- donated to a nonprofit medical foundation by women aborting early-stage pregnancies -- will save Daniel's life. But the boy has sufficiently recovered from his 8-hour surgery to be expected to return to his Orange County, Calif., home Friday -- the first day of Hanukkah.

Research opponents argue that beyond their moral opposition, there is the long list of failed fetal tissue transplant experiments -- most notably those involving hundreds of Parkinson's patients over the last decade, none of whom have shown dramatic improvements.
That's why Oregon Health Sciences University researchers have been trying to temper expectations since they first operated on Daniel on Nov. 14, steadfastly refusing to discuss the experiment except for a brief press conference two days after the operation.

''We don't want people thinking this is the best thing since sliced bread,'' said Dr. Robert Steiner, the lead Batten researcher in Portland.

Full article here.

::update:: The BBC speculates on some disturbing developments related to stem cell research.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Do Good courtesy Bristol-Myers Squibb

Friday, December 08, 2006

The Attention Manifesto

We have focused on managing our time. Our opportunity is to focus on how we manage our attention. We are evolving beyond an always-on lifestyle. As we make choices to turn the technology OFF, to give full attention to others in interactions, to block out interruption-free time, and to use the full range of communication tools more appropriately, we will re-orient our trek toward a path of more engaged attention, more fulfilling relationships, and opportunities for the type of reflection that fuels innovation.

Read Kathy Sierra and Linda Stone if you are not convinced.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Cognitive Dissonance

This person is trying to raise support to buy a GulfStream G4SP jet for 6 million so he can travel the world and preach the words of Jesus Christ.

Are you out of your gourd mon!!

You don't have to be a Christian to laugh at the contradictions that are SCREAMING here. (I am a christian btw). This is the sort of stuff that makes the rest of us looking like silent accomplices to blatant racketeering. Sad.. just sad.. :-(

(thanks to Aswin for sending me the link).