Monday, November 12, 2007

Perfect Business defined

I came across this post on Howard Lindzon's blog


Facebook and Google are just giant brains. No packaging, no shipping, no retail…in a word, perfect businesses. Google has proven out a revenue model and Facebook is on it’s way .

Both these businesses are creating their own global economies and it’s awesome to watch the leverage they are displaying...

I have an issue with the statement, "Perfect businesses" - no packaging, no shipping, no retail. This is ironic since these perfect businesses are advertisement vehicles/platforms.
In other words they exist solely to connect majority of their customers with products that require packaging, shipping and retail. So if every business decided to become perfect than *cough* *cough* google and facebook would have nothing to sell.

Myth turns into realilty

One of the first myths I remember when I started my career in software development was the one about the M$ janitor who became a millionaire.
It turns out that Google decide to create it own version only in this case it is for real - Google options make masseuse a multimillionaire (behind the walled garden - use bugmenot dot com).

Make of this what you will, etc.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Devil (or customer satisfaction) is in the details

I am in Chicago for two weeks. I happen to like this particular coffee shop (Bean) at the lobby of the building i am staying at. This morning the barista thanked me by name when i picked up the coffee. I was curious how she knew my namesince I am not from Chicago and I have been at the shop only once before. Turns out that the guy who took my order read my name from my credit card and passed it to the barista. Not a big deal but a great little habit to have if you are in the service industry :)