Thursday, July 27, 2006

How do you create a market for this

I came across today. They sell sock subscriptions. Yes, you read it right. They let you buy subscriptions which guarantees you new socks on a regulated frequency throughout the year.

How hard (or easy for that matter) is it to change the sock buying behaviour of the american public?


kimmie said...

That totally creeps me out :(

jessica said...

"How were your feelings towards your socks this morning?"

Well, I was so busy feeling irritated at the lampshade and kind of fuzzy about the carpet and ambivalent towards my dresser that it's difficult to say...

...yeah, it creeps me out too. Americans need something to DO with their lives. No wonder they have no time to evaluate their feelings about God or anything that matters--they're too busy contemplating the efficacy and comfort of their SOCKS. *growl*