Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Kia Austin commercial - 2

What is going on with Capitol Kia in Austin. It has that commercial featuring Bill Dickason. I blogged about it earlier here. Last night, Kim and I saw their ad again and this time the kitten was replaced with a shot of a cow chewing cud contentedly. I am not sure how a contented cow is relevant to me buying Kia but it sure is making the dealership look pretty darn amateurish.

If anybody can point me to a video link of the Kia commercial that would be great :)

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Richard said...

I know exactly what you mean, I first saw one of these commercials with a couple of deer, one licking the other one's ears, and was like wtf? I assumed it was a mistake at the cable company, but a day or 2 later I saw the one with the kitten roaring, so apparently this is all intentional, and I have no clue what purpose it serves except to maybe get people talking about it, like the upside-down Laundry signs?