Saturday, August 25, 2007

If I was a book, I would be

You're Siddhartha!

by Hermann Hesse

You simply don't know what to believe, but you're willing to try
anything once. Western values, Eastern values, hedonism and minimalism, you've spent
some time in every camp. But you still don't have any idea what camp you belong in.
This makes you an individualist of the highest order, but also really lonely. It's
time to chill out under a tree. And realize that at least you believe in

Take the Book Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

Been a while since I posted. Work has been holding the leash pretty tight on my collar. I like these mindless quizzes. This one actually is fun. They ask you just 5 questions (IIRC) and then Bang! they have mapped you to a book :-). I am actually the opposite of their conclusion though I can understand the mapping based only on the questions I answered. I have a sneaking suspicion that they have a pretty simple decision tree and once a leaf node is reached, they stop asking more question :-) since they have no where else to go.

HT to Tish for this link.


biomcgary said...

It turns out that I'm Catch-22. . .

McBean said...

To Kill a Mockingbird. That's mine.

"Perceived as a revolutionary and groundbreaking person, you have changed the minds of many people. While questioning the authority around you, you've also taken a significant amount of flack." Um yeah.

McBean said...

So, I took the quiz for Kris :-) and this is what it said: "Despite humble and perhaps literally small beginnings, you inspire faith in almost everyone you know... A sense of destiny pervades your every waking moment, and you prepare with great detail for destiny fulfilled." Freaky.

kimmie said...

McBean - are you serious that you were "To Kill a Mockingbird?"

Yeah. Guess what I was ;)