Thursday, September 25, 2008

A September call To action

I am excited to be piggy backing on the efforts of Scott Harrison. Here is your call to action.

From right where you are sitting or standing right now, you can take a country from


What am I talking about?
  • Average American spends 960$/year on presents.
  • 960$ will provide 48 people in Ethiopia clean water for20 years!
  • 1 out of 4 people in Ethiopia have NO access to clean water.
  • Women walk three hours a day with 40pounds on their back to get not_so_clean water. Girls have to choose between school or fetching water.
  • I am joining Scott in his goal to raise 1.5 million this month to give clean water to 150,000 people through 333 wells.
Think about it, when was the last time you even had to think about clean drinking water. These people are dying because of that. You ABSOLUTELY CAN make a difference.

My birthday is tomorrow... :-) I am not saying you were thinking of getting my a gift. All i am asking is that you consider donating1,2,5,10,32, or whatever amount you can to help with this cause. Also,i realize that you might be already supporting a lot of worthy causes in which case please accept my humble thanks!

If you are ready -> don't hesitate... go here. Oh, if you see me walk around with a black shirt which says"September" on the front. Now you know why ;-) Spread the word around.

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