Saturday, January 03, 2009

Point and click away

I am not a budding photographer and have no illusions about my skills :-) But I do like to keep working on my presentation skills (ala pz and duarte designs) so I went looking for a p&s camera that helps me see the world and record it for future use. I just placed my order for a Canon A590IS. It is perfect for the price(109$) I am paying for it. Plus I got a 4GB SDHC card  for 7$ (man, the prices are dropping).  It came down to choosing between the Canon A590 and the Fuji Finepix J10. The Canon was my choice due to 3 reasons
  1. Runs on AA's, I am notorious for losing my charger.
  2. Has image stabilization built in.
  3. Has rudimentary face recognition built in.
The biggest con for the Canon is its form factor but not a biggie for me.

Here are the links that were helpful to me in my selection process. Hope it helps you.
Happy 2009!

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