Sunday, April 19, 2009

What they say about carts and the horses

There was once a woman. She decided to help the world by solving problems. She thought to herself, if I could improve on existing solution or come up with new solutions, the world would be a better place. 

She did just that and the world liked that. Soon there were a few other men and women who started to think and act like her. They all either tweaked existing solutions or came up with new ones. 

A funny thing started to happen, along the way some of them got wealthy. I mean really wealthy. Just a side effect, the world's way of thanking you I suppose :-).  (Now I am speculating) I think this group of folks liked the side effect, liked it a lot but I think they still did what they did because that was their passion, a way for them to tap into their mojo. The "make the world a better place" thing.

Then a whole bunch of other people came along, studied the first set of people and a strange thing happened. The means became the end. The side effect became the goal and the world no longer had to get better but just stay needy.

..... good news is the story is not done yet.

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