Tuesday, May 23, 2006

You got them trapped so what do you do

Continuing my theme of Time Warner posts. I realized that every time I powered my DVR it always tuned to channel 3, i.e. the Time Warner channel. This was not something I could customize. In other words they have it rigged (see comments) set up so that every one of their subscribers saw their channel the first thing on powering the box by default.
I don't know their subscription size but this is a pretty sweet marketing channel. So what do they do with it....


All I see are insipid and uninspiring spots for TW digital phones and cable installation. TW seems to view this as just another way to plug their own services and products and not really as a revenue stream. I think they are missing big time. What would you do?....
[follow up]
Kim pointed out to me that this can be changed. Makes me question even more on what can TW do to prevent its subscribers from moving away from that default channel.


kimmie said...

psst - you can actually change that setting...i'll show you how to later :) But yes, I totally agree with you. It's a waste of their time/money.

amar rama said...

of course my lovely and talented wife-to-be shows me how as always ;-) Agreed, I plead guilty since I did not actually try to change it. I was just fascinated by the waste of customer attention.
psst-thanks :-) do show me how

kimmie said...

Totally. We'll have a tutoring session. But seriously, I'm not sure what the purpose of that is. Just think of the labor + filiming + editing + writing (albeit horrible) that went into making 24 continuous hours of infomercial for TW.