Monday, January 29, 2007

Juggling should not become a life skill

I had a coffee appointment this morning and I arrived 5 minutes early (a rare occurrence for me). As it turns out, I scheduled this meeting two weeks ago. So I show up and realise that once again,
  • I forgot to send out an email/call my friend to remind him of the appointment.
  • I left my cell phone at home
It is 10 minutes past our meeting time and now I am in trouble. So I did what I usually do, I ask nicely and Starbucks lets me use their house phone to call my wife (this part is new, till recently she was my fiancee). She being her insanely effective self, checks my phone then checks my email to confirm the time, place and date and finally gives me the cell # of my friend. I call him and all is well. This story had a good ending.

One of these days I am going to pay the price for not learning from my mistakes. My wife thinks it is cool that I manage to work through these situations so consistently but I think I am going through my life's supply of karma faster than I should. :-)

How are you doing with your appointments lately?

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biomcgary said...

What do you mean about juggling!!! It is a great life skill. Very relaxing once you learn and good low impact exercise (as long as you don't follow the balls off a balcony by accident).