Monday, February 12, 2007

Is this because of lack of choices?

From an San Francisco Chronicle article about Gavin Newsom who is running for re-election as Mayor.

On Feb. 1, the mayor publicly admitted the accuracy of a Chronicle report that he had a sexual affair with his appointments secretary, Ruby Rippey-Tourk, the wife of Alex Tourk, a friend of Newsom's who at the time of the affair was his deputy chief of staff.

Tourk later managed Newsom's re-election campaign, but he resigned late last month after learning of the affair. Newsom disclosed four days after admitting the affair that he would seek treatment for an alcohol problem. He publicly apologized again today to Tourk and his family.

The article continues with some responses from the residents of San Francisco,

"I am not going away. I care so deeply about you and this city," he (Newsom) said to cheers and applause.

His speech had the desired effect.

"I think he's good for the city," said Ralph Romberg, a lower Pacific Heights resident who has volunteered on Newsom's two past campaigns, for mayor and for supervisor. "I'm not interested in his private life. It's not my business."

Pacific Heights resident Yvonne Thompson shook Newsom's hand and told him to "hang in there."

"We all have some skeletons in our closet," Thompson said. "He's a nice person and supportive to the African American community."

Not only is he getting away with this behavior (which would be unacceptable if our son/dad/uncle did it) but he is "good for the city".


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