Thursday, May 03, 2007

My anti-rant post

A google blog search for "traffic rant" yielded,
Results 1 - 10 of about 15,260 for traffic rant. (0.07 seconds)

So clearly there is a lot of traffic related angst out there and 99% of it is justified from personal experience :-) But I wanted to buck the trend a little bit so here goes,

My traffic anti-rant
  1. Thank you to the person who realized that i am seconds away from being stuck behind a bus on the right lane and let me cut in front of them.
  2. Thank you to the person who switched to the left lane at the stop light so I could make a my free right turn.
  3. Thank you to the person who turned on their turn signal to let me know that it might be better for me to switch lanes if I wanted to maintain my speed.
  4. Thank you to the person who realized that there is a long line of vehicles backed up and respectfully merged in the back instead of driving on the open lane and trying to get into the traffic flow at the last possible instant.
  5. Thank you to the person who smiled and forgave me instead of giving me the bird when i swerved into their lane by mistake. I apologized instantly of course ( you know the whole .. look my arms are up and i am so sorry wide eyed look) but it is still rare to see people smile and forgive rather than birdie or double-birdie me.
  6. Thank you to the person who pulled up to the forward pump at the gas station and left the rear pump free.
(heh writing this anti-rant thing was actually cool).

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