Thursday, May 17, 2007

Personal concierge for the common man

Everything to Everybody is a year old Austin startup that will help you make sure you do not fall back on the essential stuff of life while you enjoy life. This bothers me.......I am not sure why but it does. Maybe the implicit statement being made: "stuff like laundry, cleaning my car, maintaining my yard is not worthy of my attention".. i think we should be trying to enjoy it instead of "citysourcing" it :) Maybe that is just me. It feels like I am paying someone else to be responsible for me.

Btw, I would be more than happy to use e2e to surprise my wife with a clean house/gourmet meal, etc. I guess my rant was inspired by the person I heard about this from. He/she was using this as a means of continuing with his/her lifestyle instead of doing a reality check that the lifestyle was causing missed responsibilities. I am old school I think :-).

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Ramakrishnan said...


Carrying out these jobs ourselves
not only gives immense satisfaction,
they also keep you physically fit
and mentallay strong. Spending time
in the garden is the time spent for
enjoying the nature. Finally these also helps to share responsibilities between the spouses.