Friday, July 20, 2007

It is not about me

There is a lot going on around me. Plus this article by Clay Shirky I read (10 mins back) got me thinking. I am hyper connected these days (relative to my preference not relative to the scoble standard). My dad is more connected to me thanks to my blog. But it is good to remember that my blog is a means to an end, it is not the end. Its goal is to help me stay connected with people not meet people so my blog is more relevant.
So anyway here is what is going with people i know/love/care
  1. My wife is on her way right now to join me in Boston (sooner the better).
  2. Eryn's horse fancy is moving closer to being a proud mama.
  3. Tiffany is living it up in London.
  4. Corbett is enjoying his new job and in general seems happier when Jen is with him than when she is not ;-) (which is rare these days)
  5. Drew is a proud dad and man their kid is handsome.
  6. Speaking of handsome kids, Moyer smith is making waves in the US
  7. Krista is cramming away to reach her MBA goal....
  8. John (i hope) is loving seattle, kicking butt at amazon and enjoying family with Thao and Issac.
  9. The vyssotski's are keeping it real with alexie
  10. My parents are busy with a typical Indian summer.
  11. My brother is working his way to prepare for some major excitement in life.
  12. (just realised i could be writing this post for another hour easy!)
holy focus changer batman .... gawd people are living such rich busy eventful lives :-). Not sure why I wanted to write this post but writing it has made it easy for me to take the focus of myself and my stressful life and enjoy the changes in my friends lives.

what is going on in your friends lives?

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