Sunday, July 22, 2007

Walk through Boston (continued)

Today was definitely a warmer day :-) We slept in and headed to Harvard square for a bit of brunch.
  1. We ate at Zoey's which was great except they looked at me strange when I asked for Sourdough toast. Weird...
  2. We came up a movie set on Harvard campus. It turns out that the movie is called "The Great Debaters" and it stars Denzel and Forrest Whitaker. No we did not get a glimpse of either of them.
  3. We checked out the MIT campus and took a walk by theCharles river
  4. We then went to the Boston Science museum and watched a really cool electricity show featuring tesla coils and van-de-graaf generators that generated some impressive lightings.
Hoping to get some good indian food for dinner tonight.

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