Sunday, February 03, 2008

First looks can be deceptive

On first glance this post reads like a damning indictment. On second thoughts it may be a second (most like 999999th) chance for the outlook team. The fact that this user,
  1. Continues to use outlook in spite of 67 "known" issues :)
  2. Takes the time and energy to document and detail the known issues.
tells me that he gets enough value out of outlook not to walk away in apathy (or might be the company standard, blah blah. I get it I cannot positively conclude that outlook is adding value from this).

My point is simply just that Outlook has done a good job of solving the base problem. It is time for it to catch up with the myriad of usability and interaction issues defined here.

In other words the original user persona defined for Outlook has changed over time and it is the product's responsibility to keep up.

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Stan said...

Hi, glad you liked my post. I kept using Outlook for 3 reasons. (1) it's what my company uses (2) it does have the best blackberry integration (Ironically, I'll often use my Blackberry to search for a message--it works faster and better than Outlook!) and (3) when a program is as widely used as Outlook, I want to really dig into it and get the firsthand experience. That's sorta why I started keeping notes about my frustrations.