Friday, May 02, 2008

Time she keeps on ticking...

So here is what is going on.

  1. Pretty psyched about this development - We are having our first ProductCamp event in Austin. It is going to be at the St. Edwards campus mid June. Follow this link for details. Seriously recommend this if you are into product management, product marketing or interested in these areas. This is the first of its kind in Austin so you have the opportunity to influence and be involved no matter what your experience level. Show up! and make it happen :-)
  2. Yesterday was RSS awareness day. I think it is worth a shout.
  3. Sometimes all that is required for big observable change is a lot of thinking and researching, not a lot of doing. (Something that all product managers would benefit from remembering)
    1. Proof - 37signals blog post.
    2. Anti-proof - Joel Spolsky blog post.
  4. My broken collar bone is healing well. I started hitting the stationary bike at the gym this week. I cannot sprint standing up yet but just getting back on the bike has been rewarding.

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