Friday, May 30, 2008

Two sides to every coin

  1. Walmart puts the squeeze on suppliers. Times are really hard if you are predominately a WalMart dependent supplier but the article ends with the note that if WalMart did not focus on driving prices down so efficiently, a lot of our population would find basic necessities too expensive.
  2. One of my colleagues at work was complaining about the cost of filling up his truck and exploring alternatives. Few days later he was thinking of opening a trading account so he could profit from the fuel price madness. :-) (and yes he continues to complain about the fuel cost...)
Just a thought : in a global economy there are no simple answers and there are no one size fits all answers. Your pain is very context sensitive and hopefully your context is aligned with the interests of several others.

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biomcgary said...

good observations - particularly the joy of suffering together!