Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I will say these things just this once

(because I typically keep this blog focussed on small-ideas, customerservice observations, entrepreneurship, communication techniques andstuff that make mego hrmm..)

  • I am a brown skinned Indian born in India and raised a Hindu(Brahmin).
  • I am now a passionate Christian (call me a jesus freak) marriedto a red haired Texas beauty. She is gorgeous for sure (hi babe) but Imarried her because she groks being a "jesus freak".
  • We are a mixed race couple embracing the fact that we arechallenging stereotypes in our own small ways. We don't set out tochallenge stereotypes but we love hurling a rock at them when weencounter them as part of life *fun*.
  • Theocracy is not democracy!!
  • Jesus looked more like me and to be precise very much like AbdulHussein Ahmed living in Palestine rather than John Adam Smith in Ohio(GASP! you blaspheme) No I do not. Seriously read your bible and goresearch how people born in Nazareth looked 2000 years ago.
  • Jesus loves Barack Obama as much as he loves George W Bush  orBush Sr or even Ronald Reagan. Yup I did come right out and say it.
  • Jesus never was, never is and never will be for one party overanother.
  • If you are fighting based on convictions arising from the bible,I will pray with you and do keep up the good fight. But if you thinkbeing a Christian means embracing everything Republican and blindlyopposing everything Democrat. Seriously wake up and smell the coffeeand oh read your bible while you are at it.

This should go without saying but unfortunately it has to be said. Thisdoes not mean I am pro-abortion, pro gay marriage or a prosperitygospel merchant. If you want to know my views on these things, ping meand buy me coffee and we can talk.

I am done. I feel clean now.

1. I do not know any Abdul Hussein Ahmed's, I am just making a point.If that annoys you :) good bye.
2. I do not know a John Adam Smith in Ohio either.

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