Thursday, November 06, 2008

My encounter with an author

On a recent flight to the east coast, I sat across theaisle from a mom with two adorable girls. The girls used fluent French, Englishand I found out later Chinese during the course of the 3hr flight. When the momwas replaced by the dad (he wanted to give the mom a breakJ) I leanedover and discovered that their daughters spoke 4 languages.


I had tremendous fun getting to know this family, thehusband is American, the wife is French and they have Chinese girls who speak 4languages. I think that is such a vivid picture of how the world is differentin 2008 than it was in 1958.


It turns out that the gentleman is a very good authorwho has written NYTimes bestsellers. His recent book can be found here ->  I am going to check it out J

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kimmie said...

Did you talk to him about Rahmbo/Josh?