Tuesday, March 30, 2010

7 truisms I perceive as a product manager (from: Carsonified)

30 March 2010

The topic is “10 Golden Principles for Building Successful Web Applications”.

1. Speed

2. Instant Utility

4. Less is More

6. Make it Personal

7. RESTful

9. Clean

10. Playful

carsonified has a great interview with Fred Wilson (click on the title to go to the actual post). It includes a video that is ~30 mins long and the full transcript of the talk.

I picked 7 of the 10 that are in my opinion are true as golden principles for all software products, web or not. If I had to narrow it down to just two, I would pick number 2 (Instant Utility) and number 10 (Playful). Instant Utility to me is at the heart of solving the problem and putting the customer first. It also fits well with the lean methodology. Playful to me is the intangible that brings a personality to your product and makes it sticky. It does not have to be restricted to software - Dyson, BMW, the new Ford Focus are all examples of products that understand this quality. It goes without saying that Apple gets this and Microsoft does not (unless this is true).

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