Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Startup's Rules of Speed - The Conversation - Harvard Business Review

entrepreneurship requires different disciplines than manufacturing. Applying lean thinking to entrepreneurship requires a new definition of progress, one that is focused on measuring learning rather than measuring objects. The day-to-day process that startups build should also attempt to maximize speed of learning.

If it is on HBR then is it "mainstream"? I hope not, that would be sort of a tragedy. Not that I am against McKinMoney, Bane and other "strategic" consulting outfits get rich by coming out with a new methodology. I just hope there can be some real grass roots passion based entrepreneurship completed before "lean entrepreneurship" is turned into flow chart with 30 documents and 6 months of analysis.

If you want to dig more into this; read this succinct and very well written post by Scott Porad ( If you live in Austin, I would also highly encourage you to join the meetup group Ash Maurya has created ( Great group of people.

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