Saturday, March 27, 2010

My alma matter is starting to kick some serious butt!

The above is a series of videos created by the fine folks at McCombs. I love this format and the structure. It gets to the heart of why business school hold on to a cheap way for them to keep justifying their value - the lingo. By removing the magic of "lingo" :-) b-schools will be forced to focus on change of thinking type education instead of look at the all the new words i just taught you education.

I am also a BIG BIG fan of the form of animation you see here. If you are seriously interested in this, I recommend by Dan Roam.

I am extremely impressed by the quality of the faculty and the content of the syllabus so far. Btw, both Dr Brandl and Dr Leeds are teaching executive MBA courses. Two great reasons to consider an executive MBA @ UT ;-)

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