Thursday, May 27, 2010

Beyond the obvious : what else can we learn from Apple about good product management

Don’t get me wrong: If Apple’s products were not shining examples of hardware and software design, no amount of marketing, education and evangelism would help sell them. But the reverse is also true. The greatest products in the world don’t get anywhere without telling a good story. The ability for Apple to tell that story and then allow consumers to get hands-on experience with products has become a powerful combination that’s allowed Apple to succeed where others have failed miserably.

I am a big fan of being able to tell a story that connects your customers with the wonders of the product you have built. I firmly believe that this does not have to be restricted to retail or consumer software, it is sorely needed in enterprise software :). If you can do something about this, START NOW! the business world will thank you.

On a side note, Altimeter Group is a rocking collection of post 2.0 analysts such as Ray Wang and Jeremiah Owyang. Check them out.

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