Sunday, April 23, 2006

Repeat and then tatoo on your forehead

This little nugget is from one of Seth Godin's recent blog posts. It is worth repeating every morning.

This is scary. It's really scary to turn down most (the average) of what comes your way and hold out for the remarkable opportunities. Scary to quit your job at an average company doing average work just because you know that if you stay, you'll end up just like them. Scary to go way out on an edge and intentionally make what you do unattractive to some.

Which is why it's such a great opportunity.

I am struggling through this and I think it is normal to struggle. We veer away from average, we veer away from the cliched and move towards the edge because we realize that something within us is pushing us to take the risk. Something that clearly states that life is worth pursuing not just plain existing, worth making a difference and worth taking the risks to really find out what it looks like to pursue your dreams if failure was removed from the set of outcomes.

The reality sets in, we crave security, dependability, purchasing power, status and comfort and..... We forget that we decided that all of those were open to negotiation when we walked away from average. It is good to read statements like the above and remember why you set out to do what you are doing (assuming you have walked away from average).

In the sermon today, the senior pastor at my church was talking about "suffering with contentment" and that really struck a chord. No one promised that following (the right) dreams will be easy or necessarily rewarding but the promise is that it will be fulfilling. Where are you at?

If you are not offended by Hugh Macleod's cards, this one is dead on :) link

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