Wednesday, April 19, 2006

why am I switching free blog providers.

I have a blog on wordpress and I am not happy with my blog on wordpress. I think I have learnt from my mistakes so hopefully things will be more focused this time. My main challenge was around picking the "categories" I want to blog on, naming them appropriately and having the discipline to stick with them. I came across a israeli vc's blog today and in the introduction to it she clearly stated the categories she will be blogging on and I felt it was time to take another shot.
The other reason being that wordpress is very flexible but also overly complicated and I could not control the rendering and the face of my blog and it frustrated me.

So here we go, my take on the categories I want to be posting on
  1. entrepreneurship and technology.
  2. Education. I recently started working with an educational startup.
  3. Blogging, pinko marketing, impact of progress on our life.
  4. Getting things done related stuff.
  5. ajax, blogging and web2.0 related changes.
  6. Thoughts on simplifying life.
This is not to say I am great at any of this stuff. These items occupy a lot of my time so it is fair that I spend time talking about these. If you want to read up on these items, I recommend the following blogs:
Phew, a long list :). I still keep my old blog here. At least until blogger lets me import old posts.

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