Wednesday, April 19, 2006

would you like to rent clothes for day trips

I have always wondered if I can make a business renting business (casual) outfits to business travellers. I remember from my consultant days that the prospect of flying with just my laptop and no baggage for a day/two day trip sounded like heaven.
Very much like hertz but instead you rent outfits on your way out of the airport and drop them back in on the way back. Assume that all the usual jazz is thrown in, your profile is available and you have to place your order 24 hrs in advance, etc. I figured that clothing is too personal and people would be uncomfortable "borrowing" clothes. (apart from the basic issues such as is it economically viable to be able to use clothes like this, etc).

But recently I was at a wedding and complemented a friend of mine on the slacks he was wearing. It turns out that he got those on eBay. Today i came across this article on "car sharing" in Europe.

Maybe it is not such a bad idea after all....

p.s springwise and its sister website are very cool portals. enjoy and No! i am not a fan of bright orange suits.

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